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SummaryFungi containing psilocybin, a prototypical psychedelic with similar effects to LSD, but with a shorter duration; also considered as being more confusing, introspective and entheogenic. Usually refers to psilocybe mushrooms rather than Amanitas, which have different effects. Are considered physically safe if properly identified, which should always be done by an expert.
Dosedose: Oral Light: 0.5-1.5g Common: 1.5-3.5g Strong: 3.5g+
NOTE: Dosage ranges will vary between fungus strains. The doses given are for *dried* mushrooms, which are many times more potent by weight than those consumed when wet.
OnsetVaries depending on dosage, common doses (See ~drug mushrooms dose) are normally felt within one hour
Duration4-6 hours
Effectsvisual distortion, color enhancement, sense of connectedness with nature, sense of well being, sense of wonder
Half-life1-4 hours
After-effects1-24 hours.