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SummaryA relatively new and popular research chemical. A short acting psychedelic related to 2C-C with similar effects to LSD, though more visual with less of a 'head-trip.' Frequently mis-sold as LSD. Causes an uncomfortable body load and has caused several deaths even within regular dose ranges.
DoseSublingual Threshold: 50-250ug Light: 250-500ug Common: 500-750ug Strong: 750-1250ug+
Note: Do not exceed 1500ug.
Onset45-90 minutes.
Duration4-10 hours.
EffectsMild OEV's, strong CEV's, A sense of well being and contentedness.
Tolerance25c has an extremely prevalent tolerence, with users reporting a strong cross tolerence with LSD, mushrooms, 2c-X, 25x, and DOx chemicals. Tolerence lasts roughly 2 weeks, depending on the user.
After-effects1-24 hours.
Test-kitsMarquis: Slow Purple. | Mecke: Brown. | Mandelin: No colour change. | Froehde: Yellow. | Liebermann: Yellow > Black. | Ehrlich's Reagent: No colour change.