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SummaryA psychedelic similar to the more well-known 2C-B. Users frequently report very vivid and bright open-eye visuals and more mild closed-eye visuals compared to 2C-B and other drugs in the 2C family. Can also be more stimulating than 2C-B along with having a slight body load for some users. Less safe at high doses compared to 2C-B
DoseOral Threshold: 2-5mg Light: 5-15mg Common: 10-25mg Strong: 20-30mg
Insufflated Threshold: 0.5-2mg Common: 5-10mg Strong: 10mg+
Onset45-120 minutes
DurationOral: 4-12 Hours | Insufflated: 4-8 hours
Effectseuphoria, giggling, empathy, insight, brightened color, closed/open eye visuals, enhanced tactile sensation, mental/physical stimulation, decreased appetite, pupil dilation, restlessness, change in perception of time, ego softening, nausea, sweating/chills, muscle tension, confusion, insomnia
After-effects4-12 hours
Test-kitsMarquis: Yellow > Green/Blue. | Mecke: Brown > Black. | Mandelin: (Pale) Brown > Black. | Simon's: Red > Orange. | Ehrlich: Brown.