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SummaryA synthetic phenylethlyamine that is sometimes compared in effects to 2C-E, yet with a much longer duration. With a much more pronouced bodyload. Is one of the most potent of the 2C-X series.
DoseOral Light: 2-4mg Common: 4-6mg Strong: 6-10mg
Insufflated Light: 1-3mg Common: 3-5mg Strong: 5-10mg.
OnsetOral: 60-180 minutes
Insufflated: 15-45 minutes
Duration10-16 hours
After-effects6-24 hours
EffectsEuphoria, Giggling, Empathy, Insight, Brightened Colors, Closed/Open Eye Visuals, Enhanced Tactile-Sensation, Mental/Physical Stimulation, Decreased Appetite, Pupil-Dilation, Restlessness, Changes in Perception-Of-Time, Ego-Softening, Nausea, Sweating/Chills, Muscle-Tension, Confusion, Insomnia
Test-kitsMarquis: Yellow. | Mecke: Green > Brown. | Mandelin: Green. | Froehde: Green. | Liebermann: Green. | Ehrlich: No colour change.