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SummaryResearch chemical of the Tryptamine class. First noted being sold in 2012, yet never recieved much attention. Conflicting reports. Doesn't dissolve well at all in nearly all solutions it was tested in.
DoseInsufflated Light: 10-15mg Common: 15-25mg Strong: 25-35mg+
OnsetInsufflated: 5-10 minutes.
DurationInsufflated 60-120 minutes.
After-effects2-8 hours.
NoteIt seems that everyone is in favour of taking this substance intranasally, due to a quite poor oral BA.
AvoidPlease, don't mix this substance with another psychedelic/dissociative/stimulant. Respect drugs especially ones that have very few reports and may interact differently than the more common 4-subbed tryptamines.