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SummaryAlso known as 5-methyl ethylone or 5-ME, this is a cathinone drug and analogue of ethylone. Little is known about this obscure compound but it is reasonable to assume it has an effect profile similar to other stimulants of the cathionone class, with a slightly higher potency than ethylone. Potentially entactogenic and a monoamine releasing agent.
DoseOral Light: 50-100mg Common: 100-250mg Strong: 250-400mg+
Insufflated Light: 30-60mg Common: 60-150mg Strong: 150-300mg+
OnsetOral: 20-40 minutes.
DurationOral: 2-4 hours. | Insufflated: 2-3 hours.
EffectsEuphoria, increased energy/alertness, Decreased need for sleep, Increased sociability, mood lift, increase sexuality, Excessive talking, Decreased appetite, Weight loss, Sweating, Distrubed sleep patterns, Bruxia, Visual and audiotory hallucinations itchiness, agressiveness, moodiness.