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SummaryA very odd acting tryptamine, that is very potent. With doses as low as 3mg vapourised causing complete blocks of memory loss.
DoseOral Light: 0.5-1mg Common: 1-1.5mg Strong: 1.5-2mg's.
Vapourised Light: 0.5-1.5mg Common: 1.5-2mg Strong: 2-3mg's.
OnsetOral: 5-20 minutes.
Vapourised: 1-2 minutes.
DurationOral: 2-6 hours. | Vapourised: 1-5 hours.
After-effects1-36 hours.
NotePlease have a tripsitter with you in person if you do indeed to consume this substance. Some may feel better the next morning and feel fine, and in some accounts, week plus until all the residual effects wore off. Be extremely cautious with this substance.