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SummaryAL-LAD is a hallucinogenic drug, lysergamide and an analogue of LSD. It is reported as having some subtle experiential differences to LSD (such as increased visuals), and also appears to be slightly shorter lasting. AL-LAD doses are similar to those of LSD, depending on purity. Its availability on the Internet since 2013 has lead to strong popularity among the drug community.
DoseLight: 40-75ug Common: 75-175ug Strong: 175-250ug Heavy: 250ug+
Onset45-120 minutes.
Duration4-6 hours
EffectsSimilar in effect to LSD, open and closed eye visuals are common. Auditory hallucinations are reported as common. A sense of connectedness with people and the environment around you. A strong sense of wellbeing.
After-effects1-24 hours.