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SummaryA rare tryptamine psychedelic closely related to DMT, with the interesting property of having little visual hallucinations, but strong auditory effects.
DoseThreshold: 15mg Light: 15-25mg Common: 30-50mg Heavy: 50mg+
NOTE: This is a very new substance with very little history of human use. Start low and work your way up, doses are not to be taken as reccomended values.
Onset30-60 minutes.
Duration3-5 hours
After-effects12-24 hours
EffectsEuphoria, empathy, insight, brightened colour, Closed/Open eye visuals, enhanced tactile sensation, mental/physical stimulation, decreased appetite, pupil dilation, restlessness, change in perception, ego softening, sweating/chills, muscle tension, confusion, insomnia.