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SummaryA combination of diphenhydramine and a mild stimulant to counteract the drowsiness accompanied by typical medical use of diphenhydramine. Roughly half the potency of DPH. Small doses can relieve motion sickness, reduce body load from opioids or DXM. Becomes a deliriant in high doses, keeping the user awake and often causing dysphoric, realistic hallucinations.
DoseOral Light: 100-250mg Common: 250mg-400mg Strong: 400mg-600mg+
NOTE: since this is a delirant, we advise against taking it, yet we can't stop you from ingesting it.
Onset30-90 minutes
Duration5-8 hours.
EffectsDelirium, Dream-Like-Experiences, Paranoia, Visual and audio distortions, dry mouth, muscle cramps, Nausea, Dysphoria, Tremors.
AvoidA fair amount of oral dramamine preparations contain NSAID's Which can be toxic to your liver at high doses.