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SummaryPotent psychostimulant, similar to Methylphenidate. Note: Ethylphenidate should NOT be insufflated as it is known to be highly caustic and will cause serious harm to your nasal septum, even with light usage.
DoseOral Light: 20-40mg Common: 40-100mg Strong: 100-150mg Heavy: 150-200mg
Plugged/Rectal Light: 5-15mg Common: 15-30mg Strong: 30-50mg Heavy: 50-75mg
NOTE: Ethylphenidate should NOT be insufflated (see summary for more details). This drug reacts with users in varying ways, so start low and work your way up.
OnsetInsufflated: 1-10 minutes
Plugged: 5-20 minutes
Oral: 45-120 minutes
DurationOral: 4-10 hours. | Insufflated: 2-6 hours. | Plugged: 2-6 hours.
EffectsFocus/mental clarity, Abstract thinking, Euphoria, Stimulation, Increased music appreciation, Warm fuzzy body high, Increased desire to talk, Wakefulness, increased sex drive, Chest pain, Vasoconstriction, Jaw Tension, Restlessness, high blood pressure, compulsion to redose, paranoia
After-effects1-12 hours.