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SummaryA pro-drug to GHB whose rapid absorption leads it to have a faster onset and shorter duration. Used in a similar manner to GHB, as a less-toxic alternative to alcohol. Consume slowly instead of as a "shot" to hugely improve safety and reduce overdose risk.
DoseOral Light: 0.3-0.9ml Common: 0.6-1.5ml Strong: 1.2-2ml Heavy: 2-3ml Dangerous: 5ml+
NOTE: 1ml = 1.6g GHB. Tends to induce heavy sleep as you pass the 2ml mark.
Onset10-30 minutes
Duration1-2 hours
AvoidAlcohol, other depressants.
Effectsrelaxation, mood lift, happiness, sociability, increased sex drive, lowered inhibitions, analgesia, dystaxia, drowsiness, sleep, amnesia
After-effects1-2 hours