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SummaryA popular dissociative drug which is an analogue of ketamine, though less sedating and more potent by weight, with a subjectively more 'complicated' set of effects.
DoseInsufflated Threshold: 5-10mg Light: 10-20mg Common: 20-35mg Strong: 35-60mg Heavy: 60mg+ M-Hole: 70mg+
Oral Threshold: 10-15mg Light: 15-25mg Common: 25-35 Strong: 40-65mg M-Hole: 75mg+
Sublingual Threshold: 5-10mg Low: 10-20mg Common: 40-60mg Strong: 60-75mg M-Hole: 75-100mg
NOTE: Bodyweight plays a slight factor in MXE dosing, these are values for a 175lb (80kg) male
OnsetInsufflated: 5-20 minutes
Oral: 30-60 minutes
Sublingual: 15-45 minutes
Duration3-6 hours
After-effects2-48 hours
AvoidAlcohol, Benzodiazepines, Opioids, Other CNS depressants, including substances that have an effect on Serotonin (For example, yet not limited to MDMA, Amphetamine, and other stimulants)
LegalityMethoxetamine is illegal in the US states Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio and Virginia. It is also banned in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and the UK.