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SummaryMDPHP aka 'Monkey-Dust' is a substituted cathinone and pyrovalerone which has been sold as an alternative to a-PHP and MDPV. Said to be less intense than MDPV with similar effects. MDPHP potency is said to vary widely, and there are reports of mixed composition batches containing other drugs. Very little is known about MDPHP in terms of toxicity, pharmacology and metabolism.
DoseNOTE: Dose data is tentative; There is a large variance in potency and composition of batches, and as such caution should be used when taking MDPHP. See ~mdphp summary
Oral Light: 10-20mg Common: 20-35mg Strong: 35+mg
Insufflated/Inhaled Light: 5-10mg Common: 10-20mg Strong: 20+mg
OnsetOral: 30-60 minutes
Insufflated: 5-15 minutes
DurationOral: 3-6 hours | Insufflated/Inhaled: 2-4 hours
Onset:Oral: 2-36 minutes | Inflatted/Inhaled: 5-15 minutes
After-effectsOral: 2-16h | Insufflated/Inhaled: 2-36h
EffectsStimulation, Incresed Motivation, Mood Enhancement, Euphoria, Sexual Enhancement, Anxiety, Paranoia, Dry Mouth, Muscle Tension, Restlessness, Uncomfortable Stimulation