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SummaryA synthetic opioid drug used as an analgesic and is often used in detoxification off of other opioids. As it has a much longer half-life.
DoseLight: 5-10mg Common: 10-20mg Strong: 20-35mg+ NOTE: these doses are not intended for opioid-naïve users. 40mg could be lethal for a naïve user. Always start low and titrate /slowly/
Onset45-120 minutes.
DurationOral 6-12 hours. NOTE: Can last much longer. Mostly dependant if using Chronically or not.
AvoidAll other CNS depressants
BioavailabilityOral 75-97% (Mean 86%) | Rectal 70-81% (Mean 76%)
Half-life12-18 hours on the first dose 13-47 on concurrent
EffectsEuphoria, Dry Mouth, Mood lift, Itchiness, Relaxant, Constipation, Pupil constriction, Analgesia.
After-effects1-48 hours.