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SummaryA common hypnotic, sedative and anxiolytic benzodiazepine. High doses may cause amnesia and loss of inhibitions. Unusually, it is water soluble, and commonly used as a premedication for sedation as the solubility makes it better for IV use than other benzodiazepines.
DoseOral Low: 5-10mg's Common: 10-15mg's Strong: 15-30mg.
Insufflated Low: 3-7mg's Common: 7-15mg Strong: 15-25mg's.
Rectal Low: 3-7mg's Common: 7-15mg's Strong:15-25mg's
Intravenous Low: 2.5-5mg's Common: 5-10mg's Strong: 10-20mg's
Intramuscular Low: 3-5mg's Common: 5-12mg's Strong: 12-25mg's.
Onsetoral 10-40 minutes
Insufflated: 1-5 minutes
Rectal: 15-25 minutes.
IV: 0-1 minutes
IM: 10-20 minutes.
Duration4-8 hours.
AvoidAll other CNS depressants.
EffectsAnxiolytic, Sedative, Muscle Relaxant, Amnesia, Dystaxia, Hypnotic.
BioavailabilityOral [variable - significant first-pass metabolism] | Insufflated 55% | Intramuscular 90%
After-effects1-12 hours.
Bioavailability:Oral [Highly variable] | Insufflated 55% | Intramuscular 90%
Dose_to_diazepamMidazolam - 10mg ~=10mg Diazepam.