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SummaryThe prototypical opioid drug, a powerful analgesic with euphoric qualities, found in the seeds and wax of the plant papaver somniferum (opium poppy). First isolated by Friedrich Sertürner in 1805, named for its sleep-inducing qualities. Do not combine with other depressants, may cause dangerous respiratory depression in overdose.
DoseOral Light: 5mg-10mg Common: 15-20mg Strong: 30mg+
OnsetOral_IR: 10-30 minutes
Oral_ER: 40-80 minutes
Insufflated: 10-30 minutes
Plugged: 10-30 minutes
IV/IM: 0-1 minutes.
DurationOral_IR: 4-6 hours | Oral_ER: 4-10 hours | Insufflated: 4-5 hours | Plugged: 3-4 hours | IV/IM: 2-4 hours.
BioavailabilityOral 30% | Insufflated 15-20% | Rectal 30% NOTE: Chitosan (A linear polysaccharide that helps absorb drugs better) increases the insufflated bioavailabilty to around 60%. Ratio used was 1.3 grams : 6.7 grams (Morphine:Chitosan) Use with caution.
EffectsEuphoria, Dry Mouth, Mood lift, Itchiness, Relaxant, Constipation, Pupil constriction, Analgesia.
After-effects1-12 hours.