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SummaryA common nootropic often attributed with temporarily increasing intelligence, concentration, focus and memory recall. Daily use can lead to dependency with withdrawals which make the user feel 'stupid.' Often taken daily in a 'stack' with other nootropics.
DoseOral Light: 5mg Common: 10mg Strong: 10-20mg+
Sublingual/Insufflated Light: 2-5mg Common: 5-10mg Strong: 10mg+
OnsetOral: 15-30 minutes
Sublingual: 5-10 minutes
Intranasal: 0-5 minutes.
Duration3-6 hours depending on stomach contents/ROA/ect.
AvoidBecause Noopept modulates AMPA and NMDA receptors dissociative drugs like Ketamine, MXE,etc. will have diminished effects with Noopept. It can also have unpredictable potentiating effects on Psychedelics, Alcohol, Cannabis and some Stimulants. Use caution when combining with drugs.
After-effects1-8 hours.