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SummaryA substance that is structurally related to benzodiazepines. Is only used in Veterinary medicine. It is usually used in tandem with either the potent NMDA antagonist Tiletamine (at a 1:1 ratio) or with the α2 adrenergic receptor agonist Xylazine. Is roughly around four times the potency of Diazepam. Yet is water soluable.
DoseOral Light: 2.5-5mg Common: 5-10mg Strong: 10-20mg+
Insufflated Light: 1-3mg Common: 3-6mg Strong: 6-12mg+
Intramuscular Light: 1-3mg Common: 3-5mg Strong: 5-10mg+
OnsetOral: 10-30 minutes.
Insufflated: 5-10 minutes.
Intramuscular: 1-5 minutes.
DurationOral: 4-6 hours. | Insufflated: 2-3 hours. | Intramuscular: 2-4 hours.
After-effectsOral: 1-6 hours. | Insufflated: 1-4 hours. | Intramuscular: 1-3 hours.
AvoidAll other CNS depressants.